(Straight from the Horse’s Mouth…)

The purposes of the Collinsville Equestrian Trails Association (CETA) are to create and preserve connected trails through privately owned land bordering the Collinsville Road area, and to promote responsible use of such trails by resident landowner riders and drivers.

The existence of the CETA trails is due solely to the generosity of the landowners through whose lands the trails pass. Please respect this privilege and cooperate by obeying the following rules established by the CETA Board of Directors.

Membership Requirements

CETA is a Property Owners Association. Members must reside within CETA’s geographical boundaries or stable their horses therein. Landowner members, including honorary members, have full voting rights at all membership meetings, as provided in the CETA Bylaws.

Rules for Trail Use

CETA members in good standing are privileged to use the entire designated CETA trail system (marked with yellow painted horseshoes or CETA signs) for equestrian riding and driving activities. Members agree to abide by the following rules:

  1. Wear a safety helmet when riding or driving.
  2. Obey all posted signs.
  3. Be polite and friendly to people on the trails.
  4. Do not eat, drink alcoholic drinks, litter or smoke on the trails.
  5. Do not ride with dogs or other animals, ride bikes or operate a motorized vehicle.
  6. Stay on designated trails – those marked with a yellow horseshoe. Unmarked trails are for landowner use only.
  7. Stay to the edges of all fields or on designated paths through the fields.
  8. Call the FETA line (828) 859-0133 to determine if trails are open.  If FETA trails are open, CETA trails are open.  If FETA Peniel trails are open, so is CETA. 
  9. When passing through gates, leave open those you find open, close those you find closed.
  10. Ride slowly and QUIETLY when near residences, stables or pastures with animals.
  11. Guests are allowed on CETA trails only when accompanied by a CETA member. Guests must sign a Release of Liability form before accompanying member on CETA trails.


Trail Marking

  • If you are a CETA landowner, please mark your trails with a yellow horseshoe or CETA sign. This will help CETA members be good neighbors by staying on trails designated for their use.
  • If you would like your trails marked by CETA, please contact Trailboss@CETAtrails.com.
  • If your trails need to be temporarily closed (e.g., for hunting season or for maintenance purposes), please contact Trailboss@CETAtrails.com so CETA members can be informed.
  • To order CETA Signs download the form below: