We are always eager to meet and ride with fellow equestrians.  If you are interested in joining CETA, please download our membership application below.   Please remember to submit your annual dues with your application.

CETA Resolutions

CETA Resolution Regarding Membership 10/19/2006 Amended 8/16/2007

Pursuant to Article II, Section 2.4 of the Bylaws, the Board of Directors hereby adopts criteria to be applied in considering applications for new membership after October 19, 2006. Such criteria are in addition to membership qualifications set forth in the Bylaws.

1. Voting Members

Landowners who wish to become voting members of CETA shall:

  • be owners of real property contiguous to the existing trails of CETA, and
  • provide trails on that property acceptable to CETA’s Board, to be used by CETA, its members and guests.

Notwithstanding the above, other landowners may be granted voting membership in the Board's discretion, provided that they meet one of the following criteria:

A. If their land is not contiguous to existing CETA trails, under special arrangement with the Board,

i. The landowner agrees to open and maintain trails on their land to CETA and its members and guests, and further agrees to work actively with neighboring landowners to arrange for new trails to connect their trails to the existing CETA system in order to become contiguous; and

ii. The landowner places trails on their property under easement to CETA, on condition that said trails be acceptable to CETA, and with the provision that if, after 5 years from the date of the easement, said trails have not been connected to the existing CETA system by trails, under easement or not, the CETA Board reserves the right to terminate the easement and all privileges attaching thereto.

B. If in the judgment of CETA’s Board, the applicant’s property is not suitable for establishing trails, the Board may accept the landowner's application for membership. If accepted for membership, such landowners may become voting members, but shall pay an additional annual assessment as established by the Board.

2. Tenant Members

Tenants renting or leasing property within the Collinsville Road area may become Tenant Members only if the owner of the property is eligible to be either a voting member or an honorary member as defined by the Bylaws and this resolution.

3. Boarding Members

Boarders of one or more horses in a property owner’s stables may become Boarding Members only if the owner of the property is eligible to be either a voting member or an honorary member as defined in the Bylaws and this resolution.

CETA Resolution Regarding Boarders Adopted 11/20/2008

A landowner with CETA trails who maintains a boarding facility shall have a limited number of membership applications available for boarders. In addition to the landowner’s own membership and that of family and qualifying employees, the number of boarder CETA members may not exceed three. When a boarder moves from the facility, his or her CETA membership is automatically rescinded and another boarder may apply for membership.

CETA Resolution Regarding Employees 5/29/2008

Pursuant to Article II, Section 2.4 of the Bylaws, the Board of Directors adopts criteria to be applied in considering applications for a new class of membership after 5/29/2008. Such criteria are in addition to membership qualifications set forth in the Bylaws and those set forth in subsequent resolutions.

The new classification of membership is: Employee Member

Under certain conditions a riding/driving employee of a landowner may be considered for CETA membership.

An employee who wishes to become a nonvoting member must: be employed as a rider/driver or similar designation such as barn manager or trainer or be the representative of an entity with CETA membership, and make application separate from the landowner and family.

The regular individual rider fee will be applied.

An employee membership shall terminate automatically at such time as the employee is no longer in the service of that landowner or entity. If a landowner or entity no longer has CETA membership status, the employee’s membership status is also invalid. In either case the trail tag of the employee should be returned to CETA.

Any landowner who permits an employee to ride CETA trails without an employee membership may be subject to having the landowner’s membership rescinded. Employees MUST obtain membership for the CETA liability insurance to be in effect for that landowner. Otherwise, the employee (as with all unauthorized riders) will be considered a trespasser.

CETA Resolution Regarding Unfair Trail Closure 11/22/1998

It is understood by the landowner members of CETA, and Para1.(a)(i) of its By-Laws specifically states that riding and driving landowner members, in addition to full voting rights, have quote – “unlimited rights to the entire trail system.”

The Directors therefore recognize that ALL of the existing trails on member’s properties at the time CETA’s By-Laws were adopted (10/22/1998) are an essential part of the organization’s contiguous trail system, and that trail system is the central purpose of CETA’s mission.

In keeping with that central objective, property owners who exclude any CETA landowner member from the use of their existing trails, or by unilaterally changing their trails to a design that, in the opinion of CETA’s Board, limits or effectively closes the use of their property for trail riding by fellow members, will, by a simple majority vote of CETA’s Board, be suspended from membership in CETA until the restriction is removed or the redesign is changed to meet the Board’s approval.

While suspended, the landowner/member will forfeit all rights and privileges of CETA membership, including the use of any of CETA’s trails, and the right to serve as a CETA Officer or Director.

CETA Resolution Regarding Reciprocal Agreements 10/19/2006

The Board may from time to time enter into reciprocal agreements with other trail systems, whereby CETA members are permitted to join the other trail system or to ride or drive on the other system’s trails in exchange for similar rights in CETA for members of the other trail system.

Where such reciprocal agreements shall exist, CETA members who close their trails to the members of such other trail systems may be deemed to be in violation of Article II, Section 2.3 of CETA’s Bylaws. Determination of such violation shall be made by the CETA Board in accordance with Article 2.6 of the Bylaws (Termination of Membership) and the Special Board Resolution dated November 22, 1998.

Furthermore, any CETA member who rides or drives on the trail of another trail system pursuant to a reciprocal agreement described above shall abide by the rules of the other system. If such other trail system’s governing body finds a CETA member in violation of its system’s rules, it may suspend or terminate the right of the CETA member to use its system. If the CETA Board finds that the member’s violation of the other system’s rules may jeopardize the reciprocal agreement or otherwise negatively affect CETA’s interest, the Board may in its discretion suspend or expel that member for cause as provided in Article 2.6 of the Bylaws.

Similarly, if the CETA Board finds that a member of the other trail system has violated CETA’s rules, it may, by majority vote of those present at any regularly constituted Board meeting, suspend or terminate the right of that individual to use CETA’s system after an appropriate hearing conducted in a fair and reasonable manner in good faith.

Any reciprocal agreement negotiated after the date of this resolution shall incorporate the spirit of this resolution in its provisions.