CETA Resolution Regarding Unfair Trail Closures

Amended 11/22/1998

It is understood by the landowner members of CETA, and Para 1.(a)(i) of its By-Laws specifically states that riding and driving landowner members, in addition to full voting rights, have quote – “unlimited rights to the entire trail system.”

The Directors therefore recognize that ALL of the existing trails on member’s properties at the time CETA’s By-Laws were adopted (10/22/1998) are an essential part of the organization’s contiguous trail system, and that trail system is the central purpose of CETA’s mission.

In keeping with that central objective, property owners who exclude any CETA landowner member from the use of their existing trails, or by unilaterally changing their trails to a design that, in the opinion of CETA’s Board, limits or effectively closes the use of their property for trail riding by fellow members, will, by a simple majority vote of CETA’s Board, be suspended from membership in CETA until the restriction is removed or the redesign is changed to meet the Board’s approval.

While suspended, the landowner/member will forfeit all rights and privileges of CETA membership, including the use of any of CETA’s trails, and the right to serve as a CETA Officer or Director.