CETA Resolution Regarding Reciprocal Agreements

Amended 10/19/2006

The Board may from time to time enter into reciprocal agreements with other trail systems, whereby CETA members are permitted to join the other trail system or to ride or drive on the other system’s trails in exchange for similar rights in CETA for members of the other trail system.

Where such reciprocal agreements shall exist, CETA members who close their trails to the members of such other trail systems may be deemed to be in violation of Article II, Section 2.3 of CETA’s Bylaws.  Determination of such violation shall be made by the CETA Board in accordance with Article 2.6 of the Bylaws (Termination of Membership) and the Special Board Resolution dated November 22, 1998.

Furthermore, and CETA member who rides or drives on the trail of another trail system pursuant to a reciprocal agreement described above shall abide by the rules of the other system.  If such other trail system’s governing body finds a CETA member in violation of its system’s rules, it may suspend or terminate the right of the CETA member to use its system.  If the CETA Board finds that the member’s violation of the other system’s rules may jeopardize the reciprocal agreement or otherwise negatively affect CETA’s interest, the Board may in its discretion suspend or expel that member for cause as provided in Article 2.6 of the Bylaws.

Similarly, if the CETA Board finds that a member of the other trail system has violated CETA’s rules, it may, by majority vote of those present at any regularly constituted Board meeting, suspend or terminate the right of that individual to use CETA’s system after an appropriate hearing conducted in a fair and reasonable manner in good faith.

Any reciprocal agreement negotiated after the date of this resolution shall incorporate the spirit of this resolution in its provisions.