CETA Resolution Regarding Employees

Amended 5/29/2008

Pursuant to Article II, Section 2.4 of the Bylaws, the Board of Directors adopts criteria to be applied in considering applications for a new class of membership after 5/29/2008.  Such criteria are in addition to membership qualifications set forth in the Bylaws and those set forth in subsequent resolutions.

The new classification of membership is:  Employee Member

Under certain conditions a riding/driving employee of a landowner may be considered for CETA membership.

An employee who wishes to become a nonvoting member must:
-be employed as a rider/driver or similar designation such as barn manager or trainer, or
-be the representative of an entity with CETA membership, and
-make application separate from the landowner and family.

The regular individual rider fee will be applied.

An employee membership shall terminate automatically at such time as the employee is no longer in the service of that landowner or entity.  If a landowner or entity no longer has CETA membership status, the employee’s membership status is also invalid.  In either case the trail tag of the employee should be returned to CETA.

Any landowner who permits an employee to ride CETA trails without an employee membership may be subject to having the landowner’s membership rescinded.  Employees MUST obtain membership for the CETA liability insurance to be in effect for that landowner.  Otherwise, the employee (as with all unauthorized riders) will be considered a trespasser.